Rin (Dignified): Sophisticated grace to nurture a beautiful and pure spirit At Shou BEAUTY SALON, it would be a great honor if we could help our guests take their brisk first step toward dignified brilliance, like a young girl evolving into a sophisticated lady through her many romances and adventures.

Shou BEAUTY SALON’s Passion

A private hideaway salon in Omotesando

A private hideaway salon, Shou BEAUTY SALON is located in a condominium situated behind Omotesando Hills.
Although the area bustles with crowds on weekends, weekdays are filled with peace and calm.
From wax to facial & body treatments and manicures, highly experienced and skilled beauty therapists are available to provide expert treatment.
Please visit us if you are in search of “total beauty care.”

Every staff is a beauty therapist.

Brazilian wax offers treatment for especially sensitive areas.
Shou BEAUTY SALON provides private service in a secluded environment that ensures utmost privacy, an element that is appreciated by many of our internationally famous clientele.
Another reason for choosing Shou BEAUTY SALON is the fact that every staff providing treatment to our guests is a beauty therapist.

Careful and speedy treatment

Brazilian wax, a treatment originating from overseas, differs from beauty treatments that focus on relaxation. With Brazilian wax, “treatment speed” is an essential factor and high technical skills are required. Shou BEAUTY SALON fully understands our guests’ desires and finishes treatments quickly with utmost care. Our strength lies in our speed and superior technical capabilities.
This is the reason behind the many inquiries from our international clientele.


Thank you for visiting our website.
Ever since our establishment, we have strived relentlessly to transform our guests into beautiful women.
The techniques we have acquired through our years of experience have received much praise from many, mainly our international clientele. 

I became a beauty therapist out of my desire to see my “customer’s smile” after treatment.
I would like to continue my efforts so that I can see even more smiling faces in the future.
…So that they can walk briskly on the streets of Omotesando with dignity and grace.

Hiromi Matsumaru 


After spending two years as a secretary at an interior design firm in Hong Kong, Hiromi returned to Japan where she graduated from the Japan Nail College.
Later on, she traveled to the United States to become a manicurist licensed by the state of California. This was followed by many trips to California until she graduated from a beauty college certified by the state of California where she studied expansively on beauty.
To acquire hands-on experience, Hiromi started working at a beauty salon in Sydney, Australia where she trained daily in Brazilian wax and facial beauty treatments.
Upon returning to Japan in 1999, she established Matsumaru Design Office Co., Ltd., which continues to thrive to the present day.

1999 Established Matsumaru Design Office Co., Ltd.
Appointed director
Capital: 12M yen
2000 Opened Shou BEAUTY SALON
2003 Obtained "Madame Korner Skin Care Specialist" certification from the State of New South Wales of Australia
2005 Obtained "LaStone Therapist" certification from the state of Arizona
Appointed chairman
2012 Obtained agency contract in Japan for Australian Waxing Company “Bareskin”
Obtained “Wax Master Course” certified by the State of New South Wales of Australia
Scheduled to open school by WAXA



〒150-0001 Arrow Plaza Harajuku 312
4-19-8 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN



ご注意事項Please be reminded that we may not be able to answer the phone during the course of treatment.In such a case, please leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you back as soon as possible.
holiday Sunday and Monday
Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday
AM 10:00~PM 7:00

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